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Vitalie Visuals started as a dream, something we merely dreamed about while we clicked away on our keyboards during our 9-5’s. Fast forward to present day, we are Vitalie Visuals, we are changing the design industry, and we will bring your dreams to reality.

We have always loved to stay ahead of the curve, and nobody wants to see the same thing redone. In our studio, we aim to build projects that cohesively pair cutting edge design with companies branding. Our theory in life is the same theory we use day to day at Vitalie Visuals, live limitlessly. We work to build your dreams, whether they consist of rebranding your business, producing animation, or even creating eye-catching fliers. We are here to make it happen.


Natalie Vitalie

Hey! My name is Natalie, to truly know my passion for visual effects and motion graphics you will need to dive a little deeper into my past.

My first passion was snowboarding. It consumed me so much that I graduated high school early to pursue a career in doing what I loved.

I moved to Lake Tahoe at seventeen to snowboard as much as possible around school and work. In my free time, I would edit my snowboarding clips to try to get sponsored. I was very successful and became an athlete for Vail Corporation, Zeal Optics, Echelon Snowboards, Shred Betties, Fuel Clothing, O’Neill and Local Knits.

While snowboarding for Sierra Nevada College I realized creating visuals was another passion of mine and my world changed.

So I packed up and moved to San Francisco to attend The Art Institute of San Francisco for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. In 2016, I graduated with honors from The Art Institute as well as with a completed internship with Bentlight Digital. After college, I worked at a handful of creative agencies in San Francisco before accepting a position as a motion graphics artist at Pac-12. After two years at Pac-12 Networks, I realized that we could bring high end creativity to an area that was close to our hearts in which we now call home.

Today I consider myself as an artist of many realms and love sharing my creativity.

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